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Day One
The Day of the Crash

The night prior to this I spent tracking and hunting a prey. After successfully getting the kill I spent the rest of the night bouncing between bars in Port Town. I don't remember much of the night, but the small pieces I do remember involve a barfight, a long round of shots, and a race through the streets. Somehow I ended up in High Harbour in the morning and was rudely woken (luckily before I was found by the High Harbor cops) by an airship crashing into a nearby rooftop. In order to make sure everything was safe I quickly scaled the wall and investigated. At the site I ran across two others who had apparently decided to investigate and secure any loose valuables as well. One was a half-elf roguish type and the other appeared to be an air genasi. In investigating the wreck it appeared as though the crew had been brutally murdered, their blood literally painting the walls, and it appeared as though something had forced its way out of the airship, thus causing the crash potentially. While the other two were investigating this, I noticed a floating chest above us. In one of my worse drunken moments I managed to get to the chest, but also ended up secured to a nearby airship. The slower rogue at that point decided it was best to attempt to open the chest, and did so by launching an explosive shard of ice at it. Luckily I was able to dodge the brunt of the damage, but it did open the chest and send a large sarcophagus spiraling out of the chest, in addition to a bag of gold and quiver of arrows (which i deftly grabbed out of the air). The crashing sarcophagus destroyed the remainder of the airship and caused it to fall completely off the roof. Using my feline agility I was able to carefully land on the roof near the two others.

In investigating the sarcophagus the three of us determined that it was really fucking old and most likely from the Netherise region. However, before we could investigate further an apparent associate of the half-elf appeared on the roof. After some discussion and the air genasi and I hiding, we killed him. Soon afterward the city guard approached and we were forced to leave the scene quickly via a magic carpet that had fallen out fo the chest as well. In our departure the air genasi noticed that two cloaked figures appeared and muttered some words, causing the guards to drop to the ground and then whispered into the guard's ears and made their exit with the sarcophagus. 


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