Smoke (Smoky Night) of the Silent Sky Clan



He is loosely associated with the Zhentarim (or other black market organization within the area). At this time he readily performs theft and murder for those who pay and can get in contact with him.

For those who need his services they need only to ask for “A place to have a good Smoke” at any of the local seedy taverns that Smoke frequents. The tavernmaster will pass on the message in time to Smoke. For each commission received, Smoke makes sure to keep his contacts well compensated.


From his clan, most do not particularly blame him for Rakan’s disappearance/death. Of note, members of his clan include:

Rain, aka Falling Rain – Smoke’s mother

Cloud, aka Rumbling Thundercloud – Smoke’s father

Chirp, aka Chirping Swallow – Smoke’s cousin who was one of his best friends during his childhood

Frog, aka Croaking Frogs – The clan leader, at the time of Smoke’s departure. Always had high hopes for Smoke, but was mostly a crotchety older cat in Smoke’s opinion


From his personal life, most of his connections lie in his old clan, whom he cut most ties with. Of note were:

Rakan, aka Raking Cat Claws – The bully in his clan whom Smoke watched drown [presumed]. All Smoke actually saw was him struggling in the river and go under. His body was never found.

A few of Rakan’s close friends believe Smoke may have had a part in Rakan’s disappearance/death, including:

Storm, aka Storm on the Horizon

Forest, aka Whispering Forest

He has been hired to kill a number of people in the past, any of which could be avenged.

Notably his arrows have purchase in the hearts of the following:

Gus Aspara – A vegetable tycoon Smoke had been hired to kill in order to eliminate competition. Hired by Maine Ro, the Local Cabbage and stored good tycoon

Chiron [Unk] – A local ferryman who had been skimming funds from too many local taverns for hauling goods.



Born on the night after a large plains fire, Smoke received his name in typical fashion based on a complex formula involving astrology, clan history, and other esoteric factors. He was named after the Smoky Night on which he was born. Smoke spent much of his early life with his clan, The Clan of the Rolling Plains. They were a mid-sized Tabaxi pride, with a mix of different Tabaxi.

Growing up he was one of the smaller Tabaxi within his clan. As such he was teased quite a lot as a child and became very adept at getting himself out of sticky situations. This included sneaking and taking advantage of his smaller size and natural dexterity. Eventually he became one of the best hunters within his clan, utilized his smaller size and dexterity to hunt with bows, ambushing animals from hidden places. The bullying he received as a child though never did end. As a result he spent much of his childhood alone, without many friends and never really developed strong conversational skills. He did however become quite good at lying, but otherwise has struggled to connect with others.

As a young adult he became more aware of the reasoning for his name choice. It turns out that the elders of his clan foresaw a great destruction related to him and named him accordingly. He also found out that much of the source of his bullying was related to this, as much of the village had found this information out. In a fit of anger against those who had bullied him he challenged the biggest perpetrator, Rakan, to a duel. The duel was a standard hunting challenge, however, in his anger blinded state, he chose to manipulate the duel, manipulating Rakan and using his hubris against him to get him to get him to try and cross a strong flowing river in the clan’s grounds. Halfway across, his strength began to fail. Smoke watched as Rakan was swept down the river and drowned.

After, he returned to the village with the required hunt, lying and stating he did not know what had happened to Rakan. His relationships within the clan became strained after this point and he eventually chose to leave, forsaking his clan name and taking the clan name of The Silent Sky. He joined a ragtag group of tabaxi hunters who worked as bounty hunters in the area. As a result he started to get work in the darker side of the world. His skills at hunting large game worked just as well for sneaking into homes as a cat-burglar and at slaying those who were wanted dead. Armed with his weapons he chose to fill the void in his life, left by the loss of his family and clan, with an overwhelming desire for gold and valuables. Though he is not satiated for long, constantly needing more gold and higher risk jobs to feel the hole in his psyche filled, momentarily.

Currently, Smoke has spent most of the gold he receives from jobs. His alcohol consumption, among other vices, have led him to borrowing sums and he has found himself in massive amounts of debt to some people that scare even him, just a little though.

Potential future points:

The baron in charge of the city could decide to take over the nearby tabaxi lands, slaying the tabaxi clans that lived there, including the Clan of the Rolling Hills.

Story Arc/Character Growth:

I see him starting as a solitary hunter interested only in satiating his current curiosities and desire for gold/jewels/the thrill of the hunt. However, as he meets the group he starts to grow bonded to them, eventually having them fill the void in his life for friends, just in time to find out about the murder of his Clan. Which then deepens and darkens his anger leading him to swear vengeance against the Baron.

Smoke (Smoky Night) of the Silent Sky Clan

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