Delfinia "Finn" Greyhaven



Arcane Trickster Rogue, here to mage hand your wallet and steal your girl







Finn’s story begins, as so many stories do, with a conversation in which two big idiots decided condoms are for squares. The 22-month tryst between renowned artisan Su’lana Elgareth and full time longshoreman, part time wannabe pirate Malcolm Greyhaven resulted in a small boat crash, 2 broken windows, a full two months of work for one small-time divorce lawyer, one new verse to a popular bar song, and a child divided between weekends and weekdays. Her mother’s early prowess as a seamstress won her fortune and fame, and she built up her small business into a network of other professionals of only the highest reputation. Finn attended fine schools with other ladies in good social standing, learning all that good shit good girls do. She postured and curtsied, and made fake friendly gestures to the shallow and affluent. On weekend’s she’d head off to dad and listen to the other dock workers tell tall tales, and watch them bet on various fighting rings – men, women, waterfowl, the works. And she’d find a quiet place and listen to people talk.

Her father taught her the safest streets to travel and how to use a blade if she had to. She taught herself the shortcuts and backroads to stay out of trouble, and get into the most interesting places. Occasionally she’d find herself in a spot of trouble, but a few broken teeth and a little help from her best friend and neighbor, a half-elf named Vera and they could escape with minimal bruising. Her mother was furious with her exploits, and punished her with isolation and more extracurricular tutoring, hoping that the strict environment and enough work would keep her preoccupied enough to mind her own business. Shockingly, mother and daughter didn’t get along.

At 18, her mother offered her a position working for her organization, in exchange for a place to live, but she refused. She cut her hair short, moved to the cheapest place with running water, and started taking on odd jobs to support herself. She knew she didn’t have the back for dockwork, so she took what errands she could get from hers and her father’s acquaintances… no matter how shady. She teamed up with a few childhood friends and locals as the jobs transitioned from simple deliveries to the less savory sort – her friend Vera (skilled fighter, escape artist) Radical Edmund (human, sk8r grrl), Erin (human, aspiring close-up magician), Ogrin (dwarf sniper, known lightweight) and Fish Face (a half-sahuagin, half-elf bruiser, and an ugly ass motherfucker) to name a few. She was good at strategy, had a tongue that could talk her way out of most problems, and plenty of skill with knives if all else failed. Their reputation as problem solvers caught the attention of some of the bigger players in town, and this is classically where things started to break bad.

Something went wrong on a job for the wrong people, and they lost a lot of money belonging to people you don’t want to owe money to. When she found Fish Face strung up by the gills in the alley behind their favorite bar, she knew she had to make herself scarce. She fled to the only place she could expect protection, back to the safety of her mother and her network of contacts. Shaken and desperate, she asked for sanctuary, hoping that it would save her and whoever was left of her crew. Su’lana told her if she swore to serve as a spy for the High Harbour Trust, Su’lana’s elite network of movers and shakers, then she could make her problems go away. That and she wouldn’t seek out what remained of her team.

She couldn’t refuse. But the deal had other caveats she was unaware of. Naturally, Su’lana was following her daughter’s exploits in the years since she’d broken off contact and knew her regular haunts and frequent associates. She could save her daughter (and get her back under her thumb) and save a great deal of coin, with the right “alternative” compensation. She brokered a deal with the mobsters, trading all she could round up for safety for her daughter. All but Vera had fled far enough from the reach of the Trust and the various city hitmen, so they took Vera.

For 18 months, Finn has been on call to the High Harbor Trust, as an assistant to the various upper council members that serve along with her mother. She attends meetings and takes notes, attends galas and makes small talk, and at her mother or one of her underling’s requests, (typically under darkness) she goes out to snoop, or sabotage, or murder. It was out on one of these evening trips, when she learned the actual cost of her freedom and safety. Finn wasn’t looking for Vera when she found her, indentured, dressed up as eye candy at the whims of a rich and powerful shithead. She didn’t have enough time or privacy to find out the 5 W’s but she heard enough to know her mother was responsible. She knows enough to know she can’t take out her mother, but with enough money she might be able to buy Vera’s freedom back, and make things right.

Delfinia "Finn" Greyhaven

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