Dick Tracer

Private eye, been mind-wiped one too many times


Dick Tracer was one of the one good cops, before it all broke bad. He was researching cases related to the disappearance of the Lost Quarter, but over time started experiencing gaps in his memory. Something or someone knew he was on to them, and was determined to make it impossible to remember it. He still has some good information, through an elaborate combination of safeguards and illusion magic.

His house is invisible but not in a good way.

Has the ability to do small scale mind-wipes, and has been researching a group that is doing memory alteration on a large scale.


  • Augusta, Finn, Smoke
    • Session 1: Traded Secret in exchange for leads on missing people, and did a double-blind memory wipe in order to keep what we learned a secret from the group that is modifying memories. Received earrings of whisper in order to discretely keep in contact.

Dick Tracer

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